Software Development Using the Arduino IDE

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Software Development Using the Arduino IDE

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Software Development Using the Arduino IDE
SiFive also supports software development for the HiFive1 with the Arduino IDE. When using this
method, the Freedom E SDK is automatically installed, so you do not need to install it seperately.
Follow these steps:
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Installing the HiFive1 Board Package
1. Download and install the Arduino IDE, following the instructions at
2. Launch the Arduino IDE
3. Navigate to File → Preferences and add the SiFive additional Board Manager URL as
shown in Figure 6.1: ... index.json
4. Add the SiFive development kit boards using the Board Manager:
Tools → Board → Board Manager.
Search for “SiFive” and click Install to download and install the package. Restart your Arduino
IDE, then find the HiFive1 under Tools → Board, as shown in Figure 6.2.
5. Select SiFive OpenOCD as the Programmer from the Tools menu.
6. To compile and upload a simple example program, select
File → Examples → Basics → Blink
Click the “upload” button in the Arduino IDE, your program will compile and upload to your
Dev Kit, and the green LED will blink.
Open Source Board Support Package Code
The code installed with the Board package is open-source, and available to view or download at:

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