Raspbian 2018-06-27 发布,树莓派上的 Debian

Raspberry Pi(中文名为“树莓派”,简写为RPi,或者RasPi/RPi)是为学生计算机编程教育而设计,只有信用卡 大小的卡片式电脑,其系统基于Linux。
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Raspbian 2018-06-27 发布,树莓派上的 Debian

帖子itopidea » 周六 6月 30, 2018 12:41 am

Raspbian 2018-06-27 已发布,更新包括:

New first-boot configuration wizard added

Recommended Software installer added

Bluej, Greenfoot, NodeRED, Claws Mail, VNC Viewer removed from image - can now be installed from Recommended Applications

Qpdfview PDF viewer installed instead of Xpdf

Version 65.0 of Chromium browser included, with latest Flash player

Volume up / down keys now change by 5% increments and affect currently-selected output device rather than internal device only

Network plugin now remembers previously-entered WiFi network passwords when prompting for reconnection

Serial port and serial console can now be switched separately in Raspberry Pi Configuration

Lxkeymap keyboard language setting application removed - replaced with dialog within Raspberry Pi Configuration

Wifi country and keyboard language setting dialogs in Raspberry Pi Configuration now callable from other applications

New version of Piboto font included to render with correct weight under some rogue applications

Reconnection to Bluetooth audio devices on reboot improved

Disable click-to-rename behaviour in file manager if single-click selection enabled

Appearance Settings dialog makes config changes to some Qt files to match selected theme

MIME file type associations improved

Multiple desktop management options removed from mouse middle-click menu

Menu shortcuts to Raspberry Pi website amended

Python 2 IDLE menu link removed

Sample Magpi PDF installed in /home/pi/MagPi

Various minor tweaks, bug fixes and appearance changes

Bluetooth updates - Firmware with Bluetooth 4.2 features - SCO profile suppot added via bthelper.service

Linux kernel 4.14.50+

Raspberry Pi firmware 748fb17992426bb29d99224b93cb962fefbdc833

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